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Why Should We Blog?

Why Should We Blog?

If you have a corporate or personal brand, blogging is the best way to increase both visitor traffic and brand awareness. I will tell you the importance of this.

If you have a corporate or personal brand, blogging is the best way to increase both visitor traffic and brand awareness. For the last 5 years, many companies have been constantly making posts related to the sector in the form of education, So why is blogging so important for SEO?

So What’s The Point of Blogs?
I can explain the concept of the blog, which is formed by the combination of English web and blog words, as follows. You remember that we used to keep diaries, nowadays these diaries have been replaced by blogs. Blogs are used as a platform where we share our curiosities, experiences, successes, and stories about the sector we are in. For example, we can learn everything from blogs, from what was written in the cookbook in the past, to problems we couldn’t solve about software, or to the tricks of that topic while doing research on any subject.

Take Action

Take Action
Many companies have already created a blog and increased their organic visitors to stay up-to-date on Google. So why are you waiting? start sharing what you know with your audience. The slightest information you share can be sent to other people via e-mail, sent on WhatsApp, or it can leave a positive effect on that person’s opinions about you.

Who Should Publish Blog Posts?
If you have a company, you can assign a person related to this issue, or if you are more or less familiar with the digital world, you can check the articles you have written and published them yourself. If you say I don’t want to deal with these things at all, you can definitely work with a qualified Seo expert and leave the control of your blog to the expert and get more interaction.

When Should Blog Posts Be Published?
There is no rule on google related to this, you can post whenever you want. In my opinion, the best thing is that it is planned in a certain period of time with a good strategy and divided into parts. The reason for this is that google bots come to your site periodically, so the more frequently you publish articles, the more bots start coming to your site. Therefore, publishing your articles daily, weekly, or monthly is entirely your decision.

Which Blogging Platform To Use?
I will suggest it because I love WordPress, but Joomla, drupal, etc. There are many blog infrastructures such as. If you are wondering about these, you can get an idea by typing “WordPress blog alternatives” on google.

WordPress Blogging Platform

Footnote: The reason why WordPress is preferred so much is that its installation and use are both practical and constantly improving.

What Should Be Considered When Blogging?
If I assume that you are creating your blog with WordPress infrastructure, you should definitely install WordPress SEO plugins such as All in One, Yoast, or Rank Math. The purpose of these plugins is to automatically adjust your site’s internal SEO settings, which we call On-Page SEO.

Let’s come to what we will pay attention to;

  • Setting up meta tags (You can get detailed information here)
  • Citing the content you post
  • Choose which category your article belongs to
  • Adding post titles
  • Picture and video decoration
  • Social media

Everything is very good but who will read these articles? Are we waiting for Google bots to come to your site and read? Of course not. One of the most important things we need to do is to have social media accounts related to our brand. If you do not have accounts belonging to your brand, you have to share the article you wrote from your personal accounts.

Footnote: If you make a statement that summarizes or draws attention to the subject after taking the link and pasting it on Facebook while sharing your article, your interaction and click rate will increase greatly.

Brand Awareness
The most enjoyable aspect of blogging is its long-term contribution to your brand. Each article you share contributes directly or indirectly to your brand, changing the opinion of your target audience about you or keeping your brand in memory.

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