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5 Low-Cost Skills You’ll Learn Immediately And Start Making Money

What I mean by low-cost skills are skills that will cost a small amount of cash to learn and can make you thousands of naira every week once you become an expert at any of them.


WordPress Web Design And Development


Recently, I was discussing with a web designer friend of mine, and he mentioned that he makes nothing less than 200k to 350k from building a website every week.

The best part of it is that WordPress development is easy to learn a skill. With YouTube videos, a few blog posts, and a few months of practice, you can become an expert and begin charging any amount you want.


Learn Canva Graphic


Canva is a graphics design website that allows you to design any type of graphic, from fliers to posters, Instagram creatives, YouTube thumbnails, websites, etc.

All you need to do is go to the website, navigate to the ‘learn’ part, watch videos, and read their blog posts. YouTube videos can also help you do well too. And with a few months of practice, you’re ready to start making money as a graphics designer.


Inshot App


Inshot ( is a video editing mobile app that is very easy to edit YouTube videos, IG Reels, TikTok, etc. It can cut and edit, add music, add B-roll, add text, and so on to your videos.

All you need to do to get started is to download the app on your mobile phone and play around with it. Try to edit a few videos for yourself and once you’re an expert at it, you can then start editing other people’s videos for money.




Writers are born and made. Most of the writers were made by constant practicing and learning. You don’t have to be a professional writer before you can land a gig as a content writer.

Start by learning, go to sites like Medium and read lots of tips from writers, read blog posts on writing too from Pinterest and then get a journal where you write every day. Once you learn the kind of writing you want, start receiving gigs as a content writer for blogs, newsletters, etc.



Mini importation business is based on “buying and selling.” These goods are purchased from overseas and resold in Nigeria for profit. You are buying products mostly in bulk and reselling at a price to make a profit.

One notable feat about the mini importation business is how you can begin with just about any capital you have.

To Start a Mini Importation Business in Nigeria, you’ll select a niche for products to be sold, the source for the products online, buy from the supplier, pay for the products and ship the goods to the country and sell at higher prices.


Though it costs little to nothing, you need to give it your time and commitment. Remember, nothing good comes easy. So dedicate 3-4 months to becoming great at these skills, and you’ll reap dividends.

All the best!

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