Get Visually Appealing to the right people at all times.

Let your brand/image do the talking. We have a brilliant team of branding experts, who know how to generate the spark that will keep up the flame of your brand’s name in your customer’s brain gleaming forever.

Branding Agency in Lagos, Nigeria

Your brand is the message your business is trying to communicate with your people. It is the importance that you devise an ideal brand personality that will fit in your business message, expectation and objectives such that it will stay to your consumer’s mind. This is what exactly we do at Techlevels. Creating branding ideas that will connect people and businesses such as Logo Design, Business Card Designs, Letter Head Designs, Website Development, Company Brochure or Profile Design & Production, Branded T-Shirts Designs & Production, Flyers or Handbill Designs and Production, Banner or Roll-up Banner Designs and Production, Social Media Account Creation, Email Signature Creation and many more.

We offer the below brand identity services

A perfectly and creatively designed logo is the initial step that will connect you with your customers and keep your brand separated and ahead of your competitors. Our team of brand design specialists will take into consideration your business briefs and customize a perfect logo for you.

  • Logo & Identity Design
  • Stationery design
  • Brand Naming

We offer high-quality graphic design solutions that are personalized to meet your brand requirements. Incorporating the brilliance and aesthetics of visual communication and all the aspects of the core elements, including color, typography, space, picture, and so on. we deliver you extraordinary graphic designs.

  • Corporate Profile
  • Brochures, Flyers and Leaflets
  • Marketing Literature & Collaterals

TWS is capable of creating killer infographics. Ensuring that the facts, data and the images are well organized and can be easily digestible for your customers, such that they can’t take their eyes off.. Explore creativity at its best only at Tech levels.

  • Custom infographics
  • Interactive infographics
  • Motion Graphics & Video Infographic

Creating print design solutions that communicate your brand to your target audience through the language of print We have ample of experience in creating designs in print, regardless of your industry sector.

  • Calendars & Diaries
  • Hoardings
  • Packaging & Labels

Here's how we process your branding design

Step 1

Detailed Project Briefing

Step 1 involves obtaining a detailed project brief from you, the client. This, and any follow up questions we might have, ensures we have a complete understanding of your requirements.

Step 2


Step 2: Ideation (generating initial ideas) Once we feel confident we have a robust brief, we commence the ideation, or ‘idea-generation’ stage.

Step 3

Presentation of Branding Concepts

Step 3: Once we have refined all ideas down to three solid design concepts, it’s time to prepare these for presentation. We have a branding presentation template (A4, PDF) that we use to do this.

Step 4

Feedback / Revisions

Step 4: This process step is fairly self-explanatory. We allow up to three rounds of revisions to as many of the proposed concepts as you like, prior to sign off. 

Step 5

Finalisation / Sign-Off

Step 5: Once we’ve completed any revisions (and quite often there aren’t any, thanks to our extensive briefing process) we present the final, resolved set of branding concepts to you for your thoughts and eagerly await sign-off. 

Step 6

Supply of Digital Brand Assets

Step 6: After sign-off, the final branding process step is to furnish the client with a suite of digital brand assets. These include: the logo  and fonts files, core colour values and illustrative elements. 

Our branding work

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Our Pricing for Graphic Design Services in Lagos, Nigeria

What design project Do you need?

At Techlevels, we offer a professional and affordable graphics design services for print materials and online platforms.

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We breathe creativity and innovation into your brand and never lose focus from the ultimate vision of your goal, be it a simple website design, a complex data-driven web application development, an eCommerce or blog website, a logo and brand identity design, and marketing video production or a full-fledged digital marketing campaign – We have a perfect solution for you. Please click the Request Free Quote button, to request a free consultation or call/whatsapp us at +2 3 4 – 8 0 2 – 9 6 0 0 – 0 1 1.